Sunday, July 28, 2019

S/V Sea Dragon

Sea Dragon is a Challenge 72, formerly a racing boat from the Global Challenge (RTW the wrong way) ( Save the Children in 2000 and Barclays Adventurer in 2004).  It's funny, she smells exactly like CV10 (formerly Clipper RTW 68 California, now a training boat in Sydney). It is not a bad smell, just a boat smell. EXACTLY the same.

Sea Dragon is one of the most comfortable racing boats I have ever sailed on (once I switched bunks). She is roomy but with lots of hand holds, has AC (I know, what?, refrigerator, and gimbaled heads. 

Pangaea Expeditions owns her and uses her to sail around the world, taking scientists and adventurers to where the map ends.

Eric and Shanley are the perfect team. They run a safe, professional, - AND super fun boat. They have some amazing communication skills and a lot of energy.  I hope to sail with them again to new places.

We used recycled paper products, limited plastic, and recycled everything that could be recycled. Lots of fresh, local, and organic foods. We even had a "sticker station" to deposit those dreaded plastic fruit and veg stickers (to keep them out of the organic waste bin).